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Questions for Some Arctic dinos lived in herds

Jul 24, 2014 — 8:45 am EST

A hadrosaur footprint made roughly 70 million years ago.



Before reading

1.    When you walk barefoot on the sand, you leave behind footprints. If someone saw only those footprints, what might they be able to learn about you?

2.    What might you be able to learn about a dinosaur from its footprint?

During reading

1.    Give three examples of creatures that a vertebrate paleontologist might study.

2.    What did the new study confirm about duckbill dinosaurs?

3.    What other two creatures, besides the hadrosaurs, left footprints at the Denali site?

4.    What are trace fossils?

5.    What were the four age groups of dinosaurs that probably lived at the Denali site?

6.    What is an ichnologist?

7.    Why would winters in the Arctic have been chilly when dinosaurs were alive?

After reading

1.    If hadrosaurs lived in the Arctic all year, they survived winter months when it was dark for 24 hours a day. Why might living in constant darkness be difficult?

2.    What are some advantages duckbilled dinosaurs might have gotten from living in herds of many individuals of different ages?


1.    Find the Arctic Circle on a globe or map. Name all the countries that this line crosses.

Further Reading

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