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  1. Brain

    In pursuit of memory

    Why is granny so forgetful? Scientists must learn how the brain builds memories if they hope to figure out why recall fails in old age.

  2. Brain

    ‘Study drugs’ can be dangerous

    The misuse of these ADHD medicines not only constitutes cheating, but they can become addictive and can mess with your head.

  3. Animals

    Explainer: Animals’ role in human disease

  4. Brain

    Respecting the body’s clocks

  5. Brain

    Explainer: What is jet lag?

  6. Brain

    Explainer: Our bodies’ internal clocks

  7. Animals

    Infectious animals

  8. Animals

    Explainer: People can sicken animals

  9. Brain

    The teenage brain

  10. Brain

    Fooling the mind’s eye

  11. Science fairs: Teaching students to think like scientists

  12. Animals

    An enemy in the cave