Kathiann Kowalski

Freelance Writer

Kathiann Kowalski loves talking with scientists and engineers about their work and why it matters. And she loves getting into the field — whether that’s at a lab, in a research forest, at a drilling site or on a research boat. She has written more than 700 articles, plus 25 books for young people. “There’s always something new happening — and something new to learn,” she says.


Kathi graduated from Hofstra University in New York and got her law degree from Harvard Law School in Massachusetts. She previously practiced environmental law with a large firm. Kathi enjoys hiking, sewing, reading and travel.

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  1. Health & Medicine

    Climate change poses mental health risks to children and teens

    Climate change doesn’t just hurt people’s physical health. It’s bad for mental health, too. Children and teens are especially at risk, say experts.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Workers won’t work as well in a very warm world

    How well and how much people are able to work will suffer because of heat stress in a warming world. That, in turn, can lead to additional health impacts.

  3. Science & Society

    These scientists help rescue ‘broken’ digital art

    Computer-based art is more fragile than you might think. Fortunately, computer science offers new ways to restore these digital creations.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Vaccines help everyone — even the unvaccinated

    Vaccines are safe and save lives. But when people say no to them, there can be big — and even deadly — costs to their families and many others, too.

  5. Health & Medicine

    Why some people think they know more than vaccine experts

    New research sheds light on why some people choose myths over science when it comes to vaccines.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Explainer: Vaccines are not linked to autism

    Some parents say no to children’s vaccines because they worry immunizations could cause autism. But science has looked again and again and still finds no causal tie.

  7. Science & Society

    Students strike to spur adults into climate action

    Students worldwide are demanding action on climate change. Coordinated school strikes were slated to take place around the world on March 15.

  8. Science & Society

    School bullying has risen in areas that supported Trump

    Bullying rose in areas that favored Republican Donald Trump in the 2016 election for U.S. president. The new findings come from surveys of Virginia middle school students.

  9. Tech

    This grid moves energy, but not always reliably

    The grid that brings you electricity faces a host of threats. Engineers are at work to make it more reliable and nimble.

  10. Tech

    Explainer: What is the electric grid?

    Most of us get electricity through a huge system of power lines and equipment that together are known as the electric grid. Here’s how it works.

  11. Oceans

    Climate change makes seas rise faster and faster

    Climate change is boosting the average rate of global sea level rise. Steps can limit the worst impacts and help people adapt. But time to act is running short.

  12. Science & Society

    Building resilience to climate’s emerging impacts

    The growing field of resilience science studies how communities and habitats can bounce back from stress and disruptions.