Lindsey Konkel

Freelance Writer

Lindsey Konkel likes to write stories about the environment and health for Science News for Students. She has degrees in biology and journalism. She has three cats, Misty, Trumpet and Charlotte, and one dog, Lucky.

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  1. Health & Medicine

    Strongest bones come from Goldilocks recipe of exercise and rest

    Building strong bones for life depends on adolescents staying active and getting enough sleep. Sometimes a lot of sleep, like 11 hours!

  2. Health & Medicine

    How to find the next pandemic virus before it finds us

    Wild animals carry viruses that can sicken people. Monitoring those viral hosts that pose the greatest risk might help prevent a new pandemic.

  3. Environment

    Decades-long project is linking our health to the environment

    Started in 1959, this California study is one of the oldest ongoing research projects in the world.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Study links chemicals in ‘BPA-free’ plastics to obesity in kids

    Scientists have linked exposure to chemicals found in BPA-free plastics and cans with obesity in kids and teens.

  5. Environment

    ‘Biodegradable’ plastic bags often don’t break down

    Biodegradable plastic bags are supposed to break down more quickly than ordinary plastics. But that may not happen, a study finds.

  6. Environment

    Don’t flush your contact lenses

    One in five people who wear contact lenses flush their used eyewear down the sink or toilet. That plastic pollutes the environment and can harm wildlife.

  7. Microbes

    Bacteria are all around us — and that’s okay

    Scientists may have identified less than one percent of all bacteria on Earth. But there’s a reason to keep up the hunt. These microbes could help us understand and protect our planet.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Study links weight to when the school bell rings

    Teens and preteens who started school earlier in the morning were slightly heavier than those who started later, in a large study of Canadian students.

  9. 860_third_hand_smoke.png

    ‘Thirdhand’ smoke can hitchhike to non-smoking sites

    Harmful “thirdhand” smoke — the type that attaches to surfaces — can hitch a ride on airborne particles or clothes and travel into non-smoking buildings.

  10. Health & Medicine

    Teens with eating disorders can find themselves bullied

    In some kids, unhealthy eating behaviors may heighten their risk of being bullied and developing depression.

  11. Environment

    Restaurant diners may ingest extra pollutants

    People who dine out have higher levels of certain potentially harmful pollutants in their bodies than do people who eat home-cooked meals, new data show.

  12. Chemistry

    Banana plant extract can slow how fast ice cream melts

    Food scientists now show that adding these tiny plant particles to ice cream may delay the rate at which this treat melts into a soupy mess.