Lindsey Konkel

Freelance Writer

Lindsey Konkel likes to write stories about the environment and health for Science News for Students. She has degrees in biology and journalism. She has three cats, Misty, Trumpet and Charlotte, and one dog, Lucky.

All Stories by Lindsey Konkel

  1. Environment

    Vaping may put your smile at risk

    As e-cigarette use among teens rises, scientists find that vaping may cause cellular damage to the mouth, gums and teeth. Even the cells’ DNA was affected.

  2. Earth

    Nicotine from smoke enters body through the skin

    Scientists have shown for the first time that nicotine from cigarette smoke can enter the body through bare skin from the air or contact with smoky clothes.

  3. Environment

    Non-scents: Pollution can confuse pollinators’ sniffers

    New research uses computers to predict how much longer it takes bees and other pollinating insects to sniff out lunch in a polluted environment.

  4. Genetics

    Why some frogs can survive killer fungal disease

    A disease is wiping out amphibian species around the globe. New research shows how some frogs develop immunity.