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  1. Climate

    California’s Carr Fire spawned a true fire tornado

    On July 23, an innocuous spark grew into California’s deadly Carr Fire. Three days later, it unleashed a lethal fire tornado.

  2. Climate

    Eastern Pacific records its most energetic hurricane season

    The eastern Pacific Ocean has been cranking out storms. Now it’s reached its most active season on record.

  3. Climate

    Explainer: The furious eye(wall) of a hurricane or typhoon

    The eyewall is the most intense part of a hurricane. Here’s what drives its fury.

  4. Climate

    Is Hurricane Florence one sign of new climate trend?

    Despite making landfall as a mere Category 1 tempest, Hurricane Florence proved a beast. And there were warnings it would be as it rapidly strengthened at sea.

  5. Climate

    Hawaii’s record 2018 rains may foretell wetter times ahead

    Another rainfall record was set in Hawaii. But how does this stack up to other rain records across the United States?

  6. 860_2017_eclipse_weather.png

    When the moon throws shade, the weather can change

    Scientists have been puzzled about how a solar eclipse can impact weather. Here’s some of what they learned during the August 2017 event.

  7. Climate

    Explainer: What is thundersnow?

    Wacky weather produced lots of thundersnow during New England’s recent winter storms. Some scientists now suspect Mother Nature got some human help.

  8. Climate

    A meteor explodes over Michigan

    Here’s how scientists tracked down the source of a heavenly explosion over rural Michigan, last week.

  9. Physics

    Explainer: Winds and where they come from

    Temperature and pressure are critical factors affecting why the wind blows where it does. Understanding the nature of wind can teach us a lot about weather.

  10. Climate

    Wacky winter dumps snow on every single U.S. state

    Here’s a look at the meteorology behind the unusual winter weather that hit the United States in late 2017 and early 2018.