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  1. Climate

    Did Maria set another U.S. rainfall record?

    Weather scientists are investigating whether Maria set another U.S. record for flooding rainfalls.

  2. Climate

    Here’s why Irma caused some coastal water to temporarily go missing

    The first sign of an impending storm surge — and serious danger — may be the sudden, wholesale retreat of water from coastal beaches.

  3. Climate

    Five portraits of Hurricane Irma’s record-breaking fury

    A series of remarkable images capture Hurricane Irma’s power and might — and the lessons they can teach scientists.

  4. 860_main_Harvey_mega_water.png

    Picturing how many Great Salt Lakes Harvey dropped onto Texas

    Harvey’s astounding rainfall shattered records. The numbers are so high that it can be tough to picture what they mean. Here we give it a try.

  5. Climate

    Hurricane Harvey proved to be a tornado master

    Harvey and other hurricanes have spawned tornadoes — sometimes by the dozens. And these tropical cyclones they don’t need the typical recipe to spin those twisters loose.

  6. Climate

    Hurricane Harvey’s rains set U.S. record

    Here are some of the issues that made this storm such an epic rainfall-producer, and why storms like it could become more common.