Sujata Gupta

Social Sciences Writer, Science News

Sujata Gupta is the social sciences writer for Science News. She was a 2017-18 Knight Science Journalism fellow at MIT. Her work has appeared in The New YorkerNatureDiscover, NPR, Scientific American, and others. Sujata got her start in journalism at a daily newspaper in Central New York, where she covered education and small town politics. She has also worked as a National Park Ranger, completing stints at parks in Hawaii, California and Maine, and taught English in Nagano, Japan.

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  1. Science & Society

    Climate misinformation may be thriving on YouTube

    An analysis of 200 climate-related videos on YouTube shows that a majority challenge widely the accepted science about climate change and climate engineering.

  2. Humans

    Grandmother can be good for grandkids — up to a point

    Women who live past their child-bearing years often help their grandchildren survive, data now suggest. But that help may depend on her age and how close by she lives.

  3. Psychology

    Easing test anxiety boosts science grades in low-income students

    Giving lower-income students mental tools to cope with test anxiety boosted their science grades.