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Comic artist brings invasive species to the funny pages

Nov 29, 2013 — 8:00 am EST

It turns out that science teachers can be eco-villains, too. Not intentionally, but accidentally. Science teachers often release specimens from science class into the wild. And this means that science teachers could be contributing to a problem with invasive species.

Our environment is in a balance. Some animals eat others, helping populations stay under control. But when a new species arrives, it can upset the balance. It could eat too many of one tasty species. It might outcompete other species, being bigger or meaner. Even one animal released into a foreign environment can disrupt the balance there.

Eureka! Lab did a post on this problem, covering Dr. Samuel Chan’s work asking teachers about releasing invasive species into the wild. Other people have noticed Dr. Chan’s work as well. One of them was Jan Eliot, the artist behind the comic strip “Stone Soup.” She worked with Dr. Chan to write an educational comic strip about invasive species. We are pleased to present it on the blog today!