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  1. Health & Medicine

    Sore knees may get 3-D printed relief

    Teen researchers are looking into ways to use 3-D printers to make materials to replace, support or treat tissues of the body.

  2. Animals

    Hunting hidden salamanders with eDNA

    The Japanese clouded salamander is an elusive beast. To find a new population, three teens turned to high-tech methods.

  3. Tech

    New eyewear could help the visually impaired

    Young inventors develop novel electronics to help people identify colors and navigate obstacles.

  4. Computing

    Fingerprints could help keep kids from dangerous websites

    A teen develops a program that estimates age based on someone’s fingers

  5. Science & Society

    Heating up the search for hidden weapons

    Using an off-the-shelf camera and an innovative bit of software, a high-school student developed the means to inexpensively detect a hidden weapon.

  6. Protecting deer with high-pitched noises

    After her uncle crashed his truck into a deer, this teen decided to find out if there was a sound that would drive the animals away from roads.

  7. Animals

    Orca snot leads to a whale of a science-fair project

    DNA found in the mucus of orcas suggests that even though the traits of family pods may differ, these marine mammals all appear to belong to a single species.

  8. Health & Medicine

    How many ants is the best number of ants? More than one, fewer than 100

    How many ants does it take to make the best decision? This teen found that four to six is just right.

  9. Tech

    Hurricane crisis inspires teen’s water-cleanup system

    In the wake of last summer’s devastating Hurricane Maria, a Puerto Rican Intel ISEF finalist developed a do-it-yourself system to create clean drinking water.

  10. Psychology

    Teen fights fake news, one newsfeed at a time

    How do we get rid of misleading news? One teen found that warning signs might help, but the most effective option, to him, looks too much like censorship.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Drug-detection system could help partygoers protect themselves

    Fed up with people getting unwittingly drugged at parties, a teen designed a special bracelet. It can alert drinkers to the presence of certain hidden drugs.

  12. Tech

    This robot can wash a skyscraper’s windows

    Cleaning windows on high-rise buildings can be perilous. But an Australian 12th-grader has created a robot to spare people the risk.