Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity

More Stories in Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity

  1. Archaeology

    European fossils may belong to earliest known hominid

    New fossils suggest that the earliest non-ape human ancestors may have evolved in Europe, not Africa.

  2. Fossils

    Study claims to have found oldest human fossils

    Humans, as a species, may be much older than previously thought. They also may have evolved further North and West of the suspected cradle of human evolution.

  3. Animals

    How the house mouse found its home

    Once people started settling down 15,000 years ago, a mouse species followed them indoors. The animals didn’t need people to be farming and storing food.

  4. Life

    Weird mega-worm found to have odd diet

    Giant shipworms have bacteria in their gills that produce food for them. This has made their digestive organs shrink from lack of use.

  5. Animals

    These killer whales exhale sickening germs

    A group of endangered killer whales are exhaling disease-causing germs. Researchers worry these microbes could make the animals sick.

  6. Fossils

    Fossils offer new candidate for earliest life

    Rock unearthed in Canada appears to hold fossils from seafloor microbes that would have lived around 4 billion years ago, when Earth was very young.

  7. Archaeology

    Fossils point to Neandertal diets — and medicine use

    Whether Neandertals were largely meat-eaters or vegans depended on their environment, fossils now suggest. Their teeth also indicate they used natural medicines.