Use a mathematical representation to support claims for the cycling of matter and flow of energy among organisms in an ecosystem.

More Stories in HS-LS2-4

  1. Science & Society

    Cool Jobs: New tools to solve crimes

    Future investigators may identify criminals by the microbes they leave behind or by using DNA-like evidence from strands of their hair.

  2. Agriculture

    Sheep poop may spread poisonous weed

    Fireweed is a poisonous plant in Australia. Sheep can eat it without hurting themselves. But a teen found those sheep may be spreading more weeds.

  3. Animals

    Industrious badger caught burying an entire cow

    Badgers are known to bury small animals. That allows them to save a meal for future dining. Now researchers have caught them caching something much bigger: young cows.

  4. Environment

    Cleaning up water that bees like to drink

    Plant roots suck up pesticides used on soils, then release them into water that can seep from their leaves. This is a sweetened water that bees love to sip. A teen figured out how to remove most of the pesticide with bits of charcoal.

  5. Animals

    Malaria parasites lure mosquitoes to infected hosts

    Malaria parasites leave behind an alluring molecule in their hosts’ blood. It draws mosquitoes to sip it, helping spread the disease these carry.

  6. Computing

    Germs power new paper batteries

    New paper-based batteries rely on bacteria to generate electricity. These ‘papertronic’ power systems may be a safer choice for remote sites or dangerous environments.

  7. Environment

    Food-like smell on plastic may lure seabirds to eat it

    When plastic smells like supper, seabirds and other animals can be fooled into thinking it is food.