Conduct an investigation to provide evidence that living things are made of cells, either one cell or many different numbers and types of cells.

  1. Genetics

    Explainer: How CRISPR works

    Scientists are using a tool called CRISPR to edit DNA in all types of cells.

  2. Chemistry

    New rules point scientists toward next-gen germ-killers

    Shape and other features help germ-killing drugs make it through barriers to enter bacteria. Knowing how they do this could lead to more and better better antibiotics.

  3. Microbes

    Will we know alien life when we see it?

    The hunt is on for extraterrestrials. But recognizing them may require some wiggle room in what we define as being alive.

  4. Brain

    Explainer: What is dopamine?

    Dopamine is a chemical messenger that carries signals between brain cells. It also gets blamed for addiction. And a shortage of it gets blamed for symptoms of diseases such as Parkinson’s.

  5. Brain

    Explainer: What is neurotransmission?

    When brain cells need to pass messages to one another, they use chemicals called neurotransmitters. This sharing of chemical secrets is known as neurotransmission.

  6. Fossils

    Speckled dino spurs debate about ancient animals’ colors

    Structures found in fossil dinosaur skin may give clues to the creatures’ colors and how they lived. But not all scientists agree on how to interpret what they see.

  7. Oceans

    Creative ways to help coral reefs recover

    Coral reefs are under siege from threats ranging from climate change to explosives. But scientists are developing ways to rebuild reefs before they disappear.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Surprise! Most ‘color vision’ cells see only black or white

    Cone cells in the eye’s retina can see black, white or color. The black and white ones may create sharp outlines and edges that color-sensing cones then fill in like parts of a coloring page.

  9. Animals

    Tasmanian devils begin to resist infectious cancer

    A deadly contagious cancer is spreading among Tasmanian devils. But the animals are evolving resistance, a new study finds.

  10. Plants

    Scientists Say: Chlorophyll

    Plants can make energy out of sunlight, all thanks to a pigment called chlorophyll.

  11. Tech

    How to make window ‘glass’ from wood

    Scientists have come up with a way to make wood transparent. The new material could be used in everything from windows to packaging.

  12. Microbes

    Microbes mine treasure from waste

    Like miniature factories, bioreactors house microbes recruited to chew through wastes to clean dirty water, make chemicals or generate electricity.