Gather and make sense of information to describe that synthetic materials come from natural resources and impact society.

  1. Tech

    Teen’s invention could help light up bikes at night

    A teen researcher from Georgia has developed a light that could replace reflectors on bike wheels. Flexing tires provide all the power it needs.

  2. Tech

    Tweaked germs glow to pinpoint buried landmines

    Finding landmines could become much safer with a new technology. It uses genetically modified bacteria that glow under laser light.

  3. Tech

    A better way to stop a bullet?

    A teen researcher's tests suggest that fabric body armor might stop bullets better if it were woven using a three-fiber, triangular mesh instead of the typical two-fiber-mesh configuration.

  4. Tech

    Auto-focus eyeglasses rely on liquid lenses

    Engineers have designed what could be the last eyeglasses anyone would need. Right now, they’re bulky but smart. Liquid lenses are key to their adjustability — and those lenses focus automatically.

  5. Animals

    Cool Jobs: A world aglow

    Three scientists probe how the natural world makes light, in hopes of using this information to design new and better products.

  6. Physics

    How to chill an object by sending its heat into space

    Researchers have designed a device that can cool an object by radiating its energy into outer space. Think of it as a solar panel in reverse.

  7. Tech

    How to spin synthetic spider silk

    A new method for spinning artificial spider silk combines parts of proteins from two species and mimics what happens in a spider’s silk-forming gland.

  8. Computing

    How to build computer chips only 3 atoms thick

    Scientists have engineered an ultrathin material only three atoms thick. The material could be used to make extremely slender computer chips.

  9. Computing

    LEDs offer new way to kill germs in water

    Growing ultraviolet-light-emitting diodes on thin, flexible sheets of metal holds promise for water disinfection and other applications.

  10. Physics

    Weird physics warps nearby star’s light

    Scientists have observed a bizarre effect of quantum physics in light coming from a nearby neutron star.