Plan an investigation to provide evidence that the change in an object's motion depends on the sum of the forces on the object and the mass of the object.

More Stories in MS-PS2-2

  1. Physics

    Falling through Earth might be a long and fruitless trip

    A classic physics problem asks what would happen if you plunged through Earth’s center. A new study contends you could never make it to the other side.

  2. Physics

    Why the knuckleball takes such a knucklehead path

    They used to say it was how the seams interacted with the air. The new explanation is different. Scientists say its due to a ”drag crisis.”

  3. Health & Medicine

    Why Paralympic sprinters have trouble with curves

    Whether an artificial leg is on the right or left side of the body may affect how fast runners can take a turn.

  4. Physics

    Einstein taught us: It’s all ‘relative’

    One hundred years ago, a German physicist shared some math he had been working on. In short order, his theory of relativity would revise forever how people viewed the universe.

  5. Brain

    Soccer: Watch out for collisions!

    Scientists discover that concussions among high school soccer players stem more from aggressive contact between players than from heading the ball.

  6. Physics

    News Brief: As timely as it gets

    A newly modified atomic clock won’t lose or gain a second for 15 billion years. This timepiece is about three times more precise than an earlier version.

  7. Tech

    Make your own mini hovercraft

    Hovercraft aren’t just the cars of the future. You can make your own with just a few household items.