Construct, use, and present arguments to support the claim that when the kinetic energy of an object changes, energy is transferred to or from the object.

More Stories in MS-PS3-5

  1. Tech

    Teen’s invention could help light up bikes at night

    A teen researcher from Georgia has developed a light that could replace reflectors on bike wheels. Flexing tires provide all the power it needs.

  2. Physics

    Why your shoelaces untie themselves

    High-speed video shows how the combined motions of a shoe’s swinging and landing on the ground provoke shoelaces to come untied.

  3. Animals

    Cool Jobs: A world aglow

    Three scientists probe how the natural world makes light, in hopes of using this information to design new and better products.

  4. Physics

    Wind power gets downsized — but in a good way

    Two young scientists have developed ways to tap into wind power on a small scale.

  5. Tech

    Cool Jobs: The power of wind

    Science and engineering careers explore all aspects of wind, from terrible tornadoes to aeronautics and clean energy.

  6. Physics

    How popcorn got its pop

    Popcorn is a popular treat. Now, scientists have learned exactly what happens as it pops. They also have come up with an experiment they hope you will try.

  7. Earth

    Earthquake-triggered lightning?

    An experiment with beads offers support for the claim that a rare type of lightning may accompany some quakes.