Construct, use, and present arguments to support the claim that when the kinetic energy of an object changes, energy is transferred to or from the object.

More Stories in MS-PS3-5

  1. Physics

    Explainer: Quantum is the world of the super small

    The word quantum often gets misused. What does it mean? Think small. Really, really small.

  2. Tech

    Teen’s invention could help light up bikes at night

    A teen researcher from Georgia has developed a light that could replace reflectors on bike wheels. Flexing tires provide all the power it needs.

  3. Physics

    Why your shoelaces untie themselves

    High-speed video shows how the combined motions of a shoe’s swinging and landing on the ground provoke shoelaces to come untied.

  4. Animals

    Cool Jobs: A world aglow

    Three scientists probe how the natural world makes light, in hopes of using this information to design new and better products.

  5. Physics

    Wind power gets downsized — but in a good way

    Two young scientists have developed ways to tap into wind power on a small scale.

  6. Tech

    Cool Jobs: The power of wind

    Science and engineering careers explore all aspects of wind, from terrible tornadoes to aeronautics and clean energy.

  7. Physics

    How popcorn got its pop

    Popcorn is a popular treat. Now, scientists have learned exactly what happens as it pops. They also have come up with an experiment they hope you will try.

  8. Earth

    Earthquake-triggered lightning?

    An experiment with beads offers support for the claim that a rare type of lightning may accompany some quakes.

  9. Animals

    Dissecting the dog paddle

    Scientists occasionally describe the dog paddle as a “trot,” but that’s not right. When dogs swim, their complicated leg motions look more like a frantic run.