Develop and use a model to describe that waves are reflected, absorbed, or transmitted through various materials.

  1. Food can make an appetizing science fair project

    Many students think they need a laboratory or special equipment for a winning research project. But finalists at the Broadcom MASTERS competition showed food-based research may require little more than your home kitchen

  2. Animals

    How termites ‘hear‘ about trouble

    When danger comes too close, termites bang their heads against the walls of their homes. This action sends out a warning vibration that others ‘hear’ with their legs.

  3. Physics

    Measure the width of your hair with a laser pointer

    You can measure the width of a human hair with the help of a laser pointer, some math and a phenomenon called diffraction.

  4. Physics

    Comic book heroine teaches science

    Most people don’t think of superheroes as science teachers. But a comic book from the American Physical Society wants to change that. Meet Spectra, the human laser.

  5. Health & Medicine

    Sunlight makes pleasure chemical in the body

    A day on the beach might deliver more than a tan (or sunburn). It may also release potent brain chemicals that leave people with a pleasurable feeling.

  6. Animals

    Cool Jobs: A whale of a time

    Studying blue whales, spinner dolphins and other cetaceans demands clever ways to unveil the out-of-sight behaviors of these marine denizens.

  7. Physics

    Hazing: How to hide in nearly plain sight

    A new system takes advantage of a translucent fog of particles to hide otherwise obvious objects.

  8. Tech

    Digital lighting goes organic

    An environmentally friendly lighting technology promises not only to save energy but also to transform our indoor environment.

  9. Tech

    Fighting theater pirates

    How can theaters thwart thieves from unlawfully recording a movie during a showing? A high-school freshman’s low-cost solution relies on simple physics.

  10. Physics

    Student radiation experiment goes to space

    The Exploration Design Challenge asked students to design shields that would protect astronauts from radiation. Teachers can still involve classes in the challenge.

  11. Physics

    World’s coolest ‘clock’ is also crazy-accurate

    This is the time to beat — the world’s most accurate atomic clock ever. At its heart is a ‘fountain’ of cesium atoms chilled nearly to absolute zero!

  12. Physics

    Explainer: How lasers make ‘optical molasses’

    Light can bump an atom. Bump it from several different directions at once and even a fast-moving atom will instantly freeze its motion — and chill it to a temperature of nearly absolute zero.