1. Agriculture

    Teen develops water-saving pods for seeds

    In California’s drought, every drop of water counts. A teen developed a capsule to keep sprouting seeds wet and reduce water use.

  2. Agriculture

    Bananas under attack: Understanding their foes

    Fungal blights threaten the world’s most popular fruit. But genetic studies hint at new ways to combat some of these diseases.

  3. Agriculture

    Sneaky! Virus sickens plants, but helps them multiply

    The cucumber mosaic virus helps tomato plants lure pollinators. When the plants multiply, the virus now gets new hosts.

  4. Archaeology

    The first farmers were two groups, not one

    The humans that began farming 10,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent may have been two cultures living side-by-side.

  5. Agriculture

    A shock to the food system

    Droughts and other weather extremes caused by climate change are dramatically increasing the risk of short-term interruptions in the supplies of food.

  6. Agriculture

    Building better, safer soils

    Engineering safer soils for urban growers can reduce the risk of lead exposure and let low-income families enjoy more fresh fruits and vegetables.

  7. Agriculture

    New gene resists our last-ditch drug

    Antibiotic resistance continues to grow. Now, scientists have found a tiny loop of DNA that resists a drug doctors use as a last line of defense.

  8. Plants

    Banana threat: Attack of the clones

    Researchers find that disease-causing fungi — all clones of one another — will continue to infect banana plants unless new steps are taken to stop their spread.

  9. Agriculture

    Profile: A human touch for animals

    Temple Grandin uses her own autism to understand how animals think. The animal scientist is famous for fostering the humane treatment of livestock.

  10. Animals

    Cool Jobs: Crazy about cows

    Scientists are studying cows from one end to the other, with the goal not only of making the animals healthier but also of helping the environment.

  11. Earth

    The dirt on soil

    More than just dirt, soils teem with microbes essential for growing crops. Soils also help prevent floods and even play a role in climate change.

  12. Animals

    Weed killers may go from plant to pooch

    Dogs love to roll around in the grass. But if there is weed killer around, it could end up on — and in — our furry pals.