1. Animals

    Cool Jobs: Crazy about cows

    Scientists are studying cows from one end to the other, with the goal not only of making the animals healthier but also of helping the environment.

  2. Earth

    The dirt on soil

    More than just dirt, soils teem with microbes essential for growing crops. Soils also help prevent floods and even play a role in climate change.

  3. Animals

    Weed killers may go from plant to pooch

    Dogs love to roll around in the grass. But if there is weed killer around, it could end up on — and in — our furry pals.

  4. Agriculture

    ‘Wildlife-free’ farms don’t make salads safer

    Scientists find that removing wildlife from farms did not make raw vegetables safer to eat.

  5. Agriculture

    Made in the shade

    Agroforestry combines woody plants and agriculture. Growing trees alongside crops and livestock benefits wildlife, environment, climate — and farmers.

  6. Environment

    Insecticide can change a spider’s personality

    A chemical meant to kill moths affects the behavior of some spiders. It alters the spiders’ ability to capture prey — including those moths.

  7. Plants

    Plant ‘vampires’ lay in wait

    A new study shows how some parasitic plants evolved the ability to sense a potential host — and then send out root-like structures to feed on them.

  8. Agriculture

    Organic food starts to prove its worth

    Organic food often comes with a higher price. But research is showing that food grown this way can be better for the environment — and possibly for us.

  9. Environment

    Carbon ‘sponge’ found beneath desert

    Watering farmlands in arid parts of the world could have long-term climate benefits, a new study concludes.

  10. Agriculture

    Ditching farm pollution — literally

    An Indiana project shows how fighting fertilizer runoff can save farmers money, protect wild habitats and prevent harmful algae blooms.

  11. Agriculture

    Livestock: A need to save rare breeds

    New studies and ongoing work highlight why society should save rare livestock breeds — and the part that technology can play.

  12. Agriculture

    Explainer: What is a gene bank?

    Most banks store money. But some very special ones store deposits that may prove even more valuable: tissues that could prevent the extinction of breeds and species.