1. Archaeology

    Silk Road’s origins may date back millennia

    The mountain treks of ancient herders helped mold a cross-continent trade network known as the Silk Road.

  2. Archaeology

    Space archaeologists need your help to protect ancient treasures

    Explorers who search for ancient ruins in satellite images are asking for help from the public. Volunteers can visit a new website to sign up.

  3. Archaeology

    Cool Jobs: Hunting surprises in thinning glaciers

    Meet three scientists who are tracking the meltdown of Earth’s glaciers. They share their adventures, predictions and unexpected discoveries.

  4. Archaeology

    ‘Cousin’ Lucy may have fallen from a tree to her death 3.2 million years ago

    A contested study suggests that Lucy, a famous fossil ancestor of humans, fell from a tree to her death.

  5. Archaeology

    The first farmers were two groups, not one

    The humans that began farming 10,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent may have been two cultures living side-by-side.

  6. Archaeology

    Neandertals: Ancient Stone Age builders had tech skills

    Neandertals built stalagmite circles in a French cave 176,500 years ago. These structures show that these ancient human cousins had social and technical skills.

  7. Archaeology

    Hunter-gatherers roamed Florida 14,500 years ago

    Tools and bones from a submerged site in Florida show that Stone Age people lived in North America earlier than was once thought.

  8. Archaeology

    Remains of long-ago child sacrifices found in Belize cave

    Thousands of bones in Belize’s Midnight Terror Cave show that the Maya had a long tradition of human sacrifices. New data show that many had been children.

  9. Archaeology

    Diving deep into history

    New technologies help underwater archaeologists learn more about shipwrecks and other artifacts at the bottom of rivers, lakes and oceans.

  10. Tech

    Laser vision reveals hidden worlds

    From discovering ancient ruins to forecasting climate change, the laser mapping technology called lidar is changing many fields of science.

  11. Archaeology

    Pyramids’ blocks: Possibly rock ‘n’ rolled

    No one knows how the ancient Egyptians moved the big stones needed to build their pyramids. A new study suggests they could have rolled them, by attaching wooden posts to the sides.

  12. Archaeology

    Mummies existed before Egypt’s pyramids

    Materials from an ancient Egyptian cemetery suggest people were preserving their dead long before the pyramids and pharaohs.