1. Environment

    Holiday fireworks can bring extreme pollution, India finds

    Fireworks bring sparkle and zing to a celebration, but they also can have a dark side — unhealthy levels of air pollution.

  2. Climate

    Space weather forecast: Big storms ahead

    Scientists studying blobs of energetic particles shot from the sun may help us prepare for stormy consequences on Earth.

  3. Environment

    City living makes trees grow fast but die young

    Many cities plant trees to absorb carbon dioxide. But city trees grow fast and die young, which means they absorb less carbon dioxide than forest trees do.

  4. Psychology

    Students can sway how their parents view climate change

    Teens and tweens can sway their parents’ views about climate change if they talk about it, sharing what they learned in school, a new study finds.

  5. Agriculture

    Get ready to eat differently in a warmer world

    Climate change is affecting what we eat, from making crops less productive to making foods less nutritious. Scientists are studying how farmers can adapt.

  6. Science & Society

    Could climate change worsen global conflict?

    Famine, natural disasters and sea-level rise can all disrupt societies. These can add pressure to unstable regions — sometimes to the point of prompting wars.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Warning: Climate change can harm your health

    Climate change will affect human health through such things as more frequent bouts of extreme weather, shifts in disease patterns, changes in air and water pollution.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Climate change poses mental health risks to children and teens

    Climate change doesn’t just hurt people’s physical health. It’s bad for mental health, too. Children and teens are especially at risk, say experts.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Workers won’t work as well in a very warm world

    How well and how much people are able to work will suffer because of heat stress in a warming world. That, in turn, can lead to additional health impacts.

  10. Climate

    Explainer: How heat kills

    The human body is good at cooling itself off. But it has limits.

  11. Earth

    Strange lake belches flammable gas in the high Arctic

    Lake Esieh is bubbling out surprising amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas. Scientists wonder if it’s one of a kind, or a warning of more to come.

  12. Ecosystems

    Warming pushes lobsters and other species to seek cooler homes

    Plants and animals are moving toward the poles, changing timing of important events and more — all in response to climate change.