1. Computing

    DNA can now store images, video and other types of data

    Tiny test tubes might one day replace sprawling data-storage centers, thanks to a new way to encode and retrieve information on strands of synthetic DNA.

  2. Tech

    Feeling objects that aren’t there

    A new technology uses high-frequency sound waves to create virtual objects you can feel. Its uses include better video games and safer driving.

  3. Brain

    When smartphones go to school

    Students who use smartphones and other mobile technology in class may well be driven to distraction. And that can hurt grades, studies show.

  4. Computing

    Radios: Build your own!

    Building AM radios let young researchers from across the globe tune into electronics and engineering.

  5. Computing

    These young scientists are passionate about tech and math

    The 2015 Broadcom MASTERS International delegates show why math and computer skills are key to the success of science-fair projects.

  6. Tech

    Robo-roach squeezes through tight spaces

    An arched shell helps a new cockroach-inspired robot move through an obstacle course with relative ease.

  7. Computing

    Computing: Swapping a glove for the keyboard

    Sensor-studded gloves, designed by a Texas teen, might someday serve as a virtual keyboard or musical instrument — or even help interpret sign language.

  8. Brain

    Hands-free but still distracted

    When people aren’t distracted, they can see a traffic light change very quickly. But a teen scientist now shows that texting — even with a hands-free device — gets dangerously slow.

  9. Animals

    What’s the buzz? A new mosquito lure

    Broadcasting a fake buzz can lure male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes away from females. That could reduce populations of these annoying — and disease-causing — insects, reports a teen at the 2015 Intel ISEF competition.

  10. Computing

    3-D Recycling: Grind, melt, print!

    A new 2-in-1 desktop machine quickly recycles plastic trash into low-cost 3-D printer ‘ink’ at the push of a button.

  11. Physics

    Science in Hollywood

    Audiences are getting smarter, so the makers of movies, TV shows and video games are responding by enlisting scientists to make everything on screen appear even more authentic.

  12. Computing

    This ‘smart’ self-cleaning keyboard is powered by you

    A new electric keyboard locks out anybody but its owner. It’s not only self-cleaning but also powered by your fingertips.