1. Fossils

    Bones show ancient marine reptile was a big baby

    A new study of a rare baby plesiosaur reveals that these marine reptiles were huge at birth, then continued to grow speedily.

  2. Fossils

    This robot shows how an ancient creature might have walked

    Scientists used fossils, footprints, a computer models and a life-sized walking robot to find out how an ancient creature moved.

  3. Fossils

    These fuzz-covered flying reptiles had catlike whiskers

    New fossils are changing the look of ancient flying reptiles called pterosaurs.

  4. Fossils

    A skeleton named ‘Little Foot’ causes big debate

    New studies suggest a fossil hominid called Little Foot belongs to the species Australopithecus prometheus. Other scientists question whether such a species exists.

  5. Fossils

    T. rex pulverized bones with an incredible amount of force

    Tyrannosaurus rex’s powerful bite and remarkably strong teeth helped the dinosaur crush bones.

  6. 080918_cg_themeg_feat.jpg

    What ‘The Meg’ doesn’t quite get right about megalodon sharks

    A paleobiologist helps separate shark fact from fiction in the new Jason Statham film The Meg.

  7. Fossils

    There’s more than one way to build a giant dinosaur

    Some early long-necked dinosaurs may have built big bodies from a different blueprint than their later giant relatives.

  8. Fossils

    This extinct bird boasted dinosaur-like teeth

    Fossil skulls from an ancient bird shows this flyer had a beak — but dino-like chompers to chew through its prey.

  9. Fossils

    Hefty dinosaurs had a trick for sitting on eggs safely

    To keep their eggs warm without squashing them, some heavy dinosaurs laid eggs in a ring and sat in a space at the middle.

  10. Fossils

    Ancient jaw suggests humans left Africa earlier than thought

    A fossil jaw found in a cave in Israel is at least 177,000 years old. The scientists who found it think it shows humans left Africa much earlier than thought.

  11. Life

    Defining a dinosaur is now far harder

    New fossil finds are making it difficult to say for certain what makes dinosaurs unique.

  12. Fossils

    Jackpot! Hundreds of fossilized pterosaur eggs unearthed in China

    A trove of fossilized pterosaur eggs and embryos offer tantalizing clues to the winged reptiles’ early development.