Health & Medicine

  1. Health & Medicine

    Explainer: What is ultrasound?

    These sound waves, which fall above the range of human hearing, are important in medicine, medical imaging and more.

  2. Animals

    Cool Jobs: Poop investigators

    Far from just being waste, poop is loaded with clues to the health, biology and behavior of whatever body produced it.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Don’t snooze on getting enough sleep

    Sleeping the right amount at night is good for mental and physical health. Ironically, napping isn’t always helpful.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Tiny vest could help sick babies breathe easier

    A new invention helps sick babies breathe easier. It looks like a tiny lifejacket and it avoids the mask and tubes that get in the way of breastfeeding.

  5. Genetics

    CRISPR enters its first human trials

    A host of new human trials are using a gene-editing tool known as CRISPR to treat genetic diseases — from sickle cell and cancers to a blinding eye disorder.

  6. Brain

    Routine hits in a single football season may harm players’ brains

    A group of college football players underwent brain scans after a season of play. The results suggest playing the sport could harm neural signaling.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Outbreak of lung disease, including 5 deaths, tied to e-cigarettes

    Some 450 e-cig users have been hospitalized for severe lung disease across 33 states and U.S. territories. Five of them have died.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Study links chemicals in ‘BPA-free’ plastics to obesity in kids

    Scientists have linked exposure to chemicals found in BPA-free plastics and cans with obesity in kids and teens.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Climate change may be aiding a deadly fungus in infecting humans

    A deadly fungus infecting humans around the world may have been worsened by climate change.

  10. Psychology

    Scientists investigate suicide risk among LGBTQ+ teens

    LGBTQ+ youths face higher suicide risks because of how society treats them as members of minority groups. But resources are available. And all teens can help.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Rise in suicides emphasizes need to help teens deal with despair

    Suicides are on the rise among U.S. adolescents and young adults. These data emphasize why people should reach out to friends who might have trouble coping with intense stress.

  12. Health & Medicine

    Vaping may have landed eight teens in the hospital

    E-cigarette use can harm the lungs. Eight Wisconsin teens who developed severe lung injuries after vaping may be the latest victims.