1. Math

    Scientists Say: Statistical significance

    Statistical significance is a phrase that describes how often a scientific difference might occur by accident.

  2. Climate

    Fingerprint of climate change shows up in some extreme weather

    Scientists have long predicted that climate change will worsen extreme weather. Now, they have tools to help measure that impact.

  3. Physics

    Doctor Who’s TARDIS is bigger on the inside — but how?

    The TARDIS looks like a old police box on the outside. But on the inside, it’s got plenty of space. How does that work? It just takes a wormhole and a tesseract or two.

  4. Climate

    Wilder wildfires? Computing helps predict their path and fury

    Math probes how wildfires feed on the air around them to erupt into devastating conflagrations.

  5. Math

    Cool Jobs: The art of paper folding is inspiring science

    See how bringing art and math together led to the development of robo-roaches, self-folding papers and medical implants.

  6. Math

    Supreme Court shies away from test on the math of voting rights

    Mathematicians are taking aim at gerrymandering — drawing election district maps that seek to benefit one party over another. The courts have become involved too.

  7. Math

    Scientists Say: Uncertainty

    In science, uncertainty is a term used to express how much data might vary around a measured point.

  8. Animals

    The secrets of super-slurper bat tongues

    Tiny hair-like structures greatly boost the ability of some bats to slurp up nectar from flowers.

  9. Science & Society

    Redrawing political boundaries may alter rates of violent crime

    The way politicians draw boundaries for voting districts could affect not only who wins elections, but also where rates of violent crime may rise.

  10. Climate

    Climate change threatens future Winter Olympics

    Higher temperatures, less snow mean many former Winter Olympics sites soon will no longer qualify to host future games, concludes a new analysis.

  11. Chemistry

    Scientists Say: Gradient

    This is a word used to describe the rate that something changes over a distance or time. Examples include the strength of a smell or the steepness of a mountain.

  12. Math

    Meet the people behind the film Hidden Figures

    Hidden Figures a true story. So is the math and physics in the movie. Meet experts who kept the movie accurate, as well as an engineer now working at NASA.