Science News for Students articles on oceans

  1. Earth

    Explainer: Why sea levels aren’t rising at the same rate globally

    The ocean is rising all over the world. The rise seems speedier in some places. What gives? Many factors, it turns out, affect where — and why — the tide gets high.

  2. Science & Society

    Building resilience to climate’s emerging impacts

    The growing field of resilience science studies how communities and habitats can bounce back from stress and disruptions.

  3. Archaeology

    Rising seas threaten thousands of world cultural sites

    Sea level rise threatens many thousands of cultural and archeological sites around the world.

  4. Oceans

    How three coastal communities are dealing with rising seas

    As our climate changes and seas rise, people who live near the ocean are at risk of losing their towns — and homes.

  5. Ecosystems

    Welcome to the Arctic’s all-night undersea party

    Life teems in the frozen darkness of the Arctic night. But as the ice recedes and people move in, their light pollution may disturb the animals living there.

  6. Oceans

    What makes Aquaman special? He can take a lot of pressure

    The new Aquaman movie makes life under the sea look pretty glamorous. In fact, we puny humans probably couldn’t take the pressure.

  7. Tech

    This robotic jellyfish is a climate spy

    Scientists have developed a robotic jellyfish to collect data about the ocean. It’s small and nimble, and gentle on marine ecosystems.

  8. Climate

    Scientists Say: Rime ice

    Rime ice is ice that forms when water freezes in a snap onto a surface.

  9. Environment

    Enormous floating barrier will corral ocean trash

    A floating giant barrier has been designed to trap plastic trash in the ocean. But no one’s sure how well it will collect much of the most worrisome type.

  10. Microbes

    Bacteria are all around us — and that’s okay

    Scientists may have identified less than one percent of all bacteria on Earth. But there’s a reason to keep up the hunt. These microbes could help us understand and protect our planet.

  11. Animals

    This penguin prey knows how to fight back

    Scientists attached cameras to gentoo penguins off the Falkland Islands. The video revealed that their tiny prey can sometimes win in a fight.

  12. Oceans

    New tools aim to better predict blooms of toxic algae

    Scientists across the United States are developing programs that can predict when blooms of toxic algal may occur.