Science News for Students articles on oceans

  1. Earth

    Record seaweed belt spanned from Africa to Gulf of Mexico

    Blooms of Sargassum seaweed used to form at the mouth of the Amazon River each year. In 2011, they mushroomed in size to where they now span from South America across to Africa.

  2. Tech

    Ocean energy could be the wave of the future

    Energy systems that turn the power of ocean waves into electrical energy could be on the horizon — or pumping away near the sea floor.

  3. Oceans

    Oceans’ fever means fewer fish

    Warming oceans have caused fish populations to plummet since 1930. In some regions, the number of fish that can be caught without depleting populations has dropped by more than one-third.

  4. Chemistry

    Shell shocked: Emerging impacts of our acidifying seas

    As Earth’s climate changes, the oceans are becoming more acidic. Here’s how oysters and reefs are responding to their acidifying bath.

  5. Animals

    Ocean acidification may ground swimming skates

    Fish might seem immune to acidic waters, but check their skeletons. They can be vulnerable and eventually alter how fish behave.

  6. Animals

    Scientists Say: Jellies

    Jellies have roamed the seas for 500 million years. Some have stinging tentacles and bell-shaped bodies and are called jellyfish. Others are very different.

  7. Oceans

    Climate change makes seas rise faster and faster

    Climate change is boosting the average rate of global sea level rise. Steps can limit the worst impacts and help people adapt. But time to act is running short.

  8. Earth

    Explainer: Why sea levels aren’t rising at the same rate globally

    The ocean is rising all over the world. The rise seems speedier in some places. What gives? Many factors, it turns out, affect where — and why — the tide gets high.

  9. Science & Society

    Building resilience to climate’s emerging impacts

    The growing field of resilience science studies how communities and habitats can bounce back from stress and disruptions.

  10. Archaeology

    Rising seas threaten thousands of world cultural sites

    Sea level rise threatens many thousands of cultural and archeological sites around the world.

  11. Oceans

    How three coastal communities are dealing with rising seas

    As our climate changes and seas rise, people who live near the ocean are at risk of losing their towns — and homes.

  12. Ecosystems

    Welcome to the Arctic’s all-night undersea party

    Life teems in the frozen darkness of the Arctic night. But as the ice recedes and people move in, their light pollution may disturb the animals living there.