1. Psychology

    Easing test anxiety boosts science grades in low-income students

    Giving lower-income students mental tools to cope with test anxiety boosted their science grades.

  2. Science & Society

    School bullying has risen in areas that supported Trump

    Bullying rose in areas that favored Republican Donald Trump in the 2016 election for U.S. president. The new findings come from surveys of Virginia middle school students.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Why can’t bugs be grub?

    Insects are tasty and nutritious, and raising them is good for the planet. So how can Westerners be convinced to give insects a taste?

  4. Psychology

    Smartphones may serve as digital security blankets

    In a new study, students in awkward social situations experienced less stress if they had — but didn’t use — their smartphones.

  5. 860_phones_in_classroom.png

    Phones in the classroom hurt everyone’s grades

    When students use electronic devices in the classroom, their school performance may suffer. And so might their classmates’ grades, a new study finds.

  6. Psychology

    Are you scared of heights? Virtual reality could help

    Virtual reality may help people battle a real-world fear of heights.

  7. Psychology

    Your window to learn new languages may still be open

    Results from an online grammar quiz suggest that people who start learning a second language at age 10 or 12 can still learn it well.

  8. Psychology

    Teen fights fake news, one newsfeed at a time

    How do we get rid of misleading news? One teen found that warning signs might help, but the most effective option, to him, looks too much like censorship.

  9. Psychology

    2016 election stressed out some teens and young adults

    Some teens and young adults felt stress, anxiety and fear during the 2016 election — no matter what political candidates they tended to prefer.

  10. Psychology

    Analyze This: The power in being understanding of your flaws

    Expecting nothing but perfection from yourself can lead to depression. Forgiving yourself after mistakes can lower your risk of feeling bad, a new study finds.

  11. Psychology

    Bullying alters ‘bugs’ in the gut, hamster data show

    A new study found that the microbes in a hamster’s gut changed in response to social stress.

  12. Psychology

    Finding and helping teens for whom sadness is a disease

    Adolescents should soon be screened for depression at their yearly check-up with their doctor.