1. Tech

    Cool Jobs: Doing real science in virtual worlds

    Virtual reality isn’t just for gamers. Scientists are using VR technology to tackle real-world problems.

  2. Psychology

    People tend to tune out details of ‘female’ jobs

    Stories about people performing ‘women’s’ jobs are less memorable, a teen’s research finds.

  3. Psychology

    Teens make riskier decisions than children or adults

    Teens may make risky decisions in part because they don’t care about uncertainty.

  4. Psychology

    Physically abused kids struggle to learn about rewards

    What physically abused kids learn about rewards at home can lead to misbehavior elsewhere.

  5. Health & Medicine

    Mental illness may be a common life experience

    Those who stay mentally healthy from childhood to middle age are exceptions to the rule. Most people don’t, a new study reveals.

  6. Brain

    Chewing or breathing sounds make you seethe? Blame your brain

    People who can’t stand everyday sounds, such as chewing and breathing. The reason traces to how their brains are wired, new research finds.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Bullying hurts — but peer support really helps

    Bullied kids face more mental illness as adults, new studies find. Other research suggests support from other kids can lessen the impacts.

  8. Science & Society

    Racism hurts

    Hate crimes and harassment since the 2016 election affirm that racism still exists in America. Here’s what racism is, how it hurts and how people who witness it can respond.

  9. Science & Society

    Five things students can do about racism

    Racism plagues societies around the world and has since ancient times. But scientists who have studied its impacts offer suggestions on how to make it stop.

  10. Psychology

    What makes a pretty face?

    Beautiful faces are symmetrical and average. Do we prefer them because this makes them easier for our brains to process?

  11. Health & Medicine

    4 reasons why many people don’t vote

    The United States has a terrible voter turnout. Scientists have turned up some data to explain why that is.

  12. Health & Medicine

    4 research-backed ways to get people to vote

    Millions of Americans who are eligible to vote won’t bother to go to the polls. Scientists, though, are finding ways to get more of these people into the voting booth.