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  1. Science & Society

    Our great journalism just got a new look

    Finding the stories, videos, collections and more has just gotten easier.

  2. Physics

    Tests challenge whether centuries-old violins really are the best ever

    Some centuries-old Italian violins are reputed to be the best ever made. Scientists tested that. Their data now show new instruments can sound at least as good — and sometimes better.

  3. Chemistry

    Leftover opioids? Teen finds possible way to kill such pills

    Mercedes Randhahn, 14, of Ogden, Utah, came up with a possible way to chemically deactivate unused opioid pills. Her research paved the way to a $2,500 prize.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Health risks are scaring some teen vapers into considering quitting

    As teens learn of serious — and sometimes lethal — risks associated with vaping, many are looking to quit their e-cig use. The challenge is finding groups able to help them.

  5. Brain

    The science of ghosts

    One in five Americans say they’ve encountered a ghost. But science has no evidence that ghosts are real. Here are more likely explanations.

  6. Brain

    Slower brain development ups a teen’s risk of getting into a car accident

    Lack of driving experience isn't the only factor in whether a teen gets into a car crash. Crash risk in young drivers is also related to development of their brains’ working memory.

  7. Science & Society

    Studies test ways to slow the spread of fake news

    Don’t share news online until you verify it. New studies explore who shares fake news, how to spot false stories and how to fact-check.

  8. Space

    Learning from what Apollo astronauts left on the moon

    In the 1960s and ’70s, Apollo astronauts left trash, mementos and science experiments on the moon. Researchers want to study and preserve the relics.

  9. Animals

    Breeding has given different dogs distinct brain shapes

    An analysis of the shapes of brains in different dog breeds shows how humans have altered the animals’ brain anatomy.

  10. Climate

    At the United Nations, youth leaders call for true climate action

    Hundreds of young climate leaders gathered on September 21 for the first-ever United Nations Youth Climate Summit.

  11. Science & Society

    Climate misinformation may be thriving on YouTube

    An analysis of 200 climate-related videos on YouTube shows that a majority challenge widely the accepted science about climate change and climate engineering.

  12. Planets

    Students help name 5 of Jupiter’s newly discovered moons

    Astronomers announced discovering 12 new moons of Jupiter in July 2018. Five of them now just been named for goddesses and spirits of Greek and Roman mythology.