1. Climate

    Space weather forecast: Big storms ahead

    Scientists studying blobs of energetic particles shot from the sun may help us prepare for stormy consequences on Earth.

  2. Physics

    Dying stars can make gold as they collapse into black holes

    There are spinning stars in space. Some of them collapse into black holes. Along the way, they may generate a lot of heavy elements — including gold.

  3. Planets

    Was that a Marsquake?

    ‘Marsquakes’ could help scientists learn more about the Red Planet’s inner activity.

  4. Earth

    New insights on how STEVE lights up the night sky

    Satellite data and photos snapped by citizen scientists reveal the origins of the strange atmospheric glow called STEVE.

  5. Physics

    Meteorites may be excavating lunar water

    When meteorites hit the moon, water is released from the moon’s soil. That suggests the moon has water buried all across its surface.

  6. Health & Medicine

    How a year in space affected Scott Kelly’s health

    Nearly a year in space changed Scott Kelly’s genes, brain function and more, NASA’s Twin Study shows.

  7. Planets

    Teen astronomer finds a planet with two suns

    Brian Wu, a teen researcher from New York City, has discovered a handful of distant planets, including a massive world that orbits two suns.

  8. Space

    Scientists Say: Space weather

    It may not be cloudy with a chance of rain, but space has weather too. Wind and ejections from the sun can send charged particles toward the Earth, knocking out our electricity.

  9. Space

    Some dust in Earth’s atmosphere may hail from beyond Neptune

    Bits of space debris in Earth’s atmosphere may come from the Kuiper Belt. This zone of dust and ice sits just beyond Neptune.

  10. Physics

    Here’s the first picture of a black hole

    The Event Horizon Telescope imaged the supermassive beast lying some 55 million light-years away in a galaxy called M87.

  11. Tech

    It took a ‘virtual’ telescope to actually picture a black hole

    Here’s how scientists connected eight observatories across the world to create one Earth-sized telescope. This is what it took to create an image of a black hole.

  12. Physics

    A short history of black holes

    From dreaming up black holes to snapping the first picture of one, the history of black holes has had many twists and turns.