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  1. Space

    Mini-sats: The trick to spying Earth-bound asteroids?

    NASA is supposed to begin nonstop screening by 2020 for all asteroids that could pose a threat to Earth. Some astronomers now think the only way to affordably meet that deadline is by using mini-satellites

  2. Planets

    Something’s cooking on Saturn’s moon

    Grit in one of Saturn’s rings likely formed in hot water on the planet’s ice-covered moon Enceladus. That suggests conditions on this moon might be able to support life.

  3. Space

    Astronomers spy fastest speeding star

    A few stars have been spotted departing our galaxy. The fastest of these might have been propelled by another exploding star, a new study finds.

  4. Space

    Black holes are on collision course

    But be patient. The distant galactic smashup is still some million years away.

  5. Physics

    Light robs galaxy of star-making gas

    Stars form from clouds of hydrogen and other gases. Astronomers have found the light from newborn stars can drive off that gas. That action can starve a galaxy of the ingredients needed to make more stars.

  6. Planets

    Distant world hosts water

    One measure of an extraterrestrial world’s potential for supporting life is the presence of water. The Neptune-size HAT-P-11b fits that criterion.

  7. Space

    Monster collision in space

    The smashup of four clusters of galaxies has sent a super-hot jet of charged particles spewing 2.5 million light-years into space!

  8. Planets

    Distant planet may boast the longest year

    On a planet far, far away, a single pass around its sun may seem to last forever.

  9. Space

    Dead star makes a lens for its companion

    Much like the lens on a camera, the intense gravity of a newfound white dwarf bends light. In this case, it is distorting light emitted by the star it orbits.

  10. Space

    A ‘wedding ring’ in space

    An unusually circular gas remnant of a dead star appears behind a star that’s still burning bright. When viewed from Earth, the pair resembles a sparkling diamond ring.