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  1. Tech

    Robo-roach squeezes through tight spaces

    An arched shell helps a new cockroach-inspired robot move through an obstacle course with relative ease.

  2. Genetics

    DNA in ivory pinpoints elephant poaching hot spots

    Thousands of elephants have been killed for their ivory tusks. A new study used DNA in ivory to trace where most of the killings happen.

  3. Fossils

    New analysis halves massive dino’s weight

    No question about it, Dreadnoughtus schrani was enormous. But a new estimate concludes this dino weighed just half as much as first thought.

  4. Animals

    Picture This: The real ‘early bird’

    Long before dinosaurs went extinct, birds were emerging on Earth. These hummingbird-size wading birds are the earliest known ancestors of today’s birds.

  5. Environment

    Soot fouls subway stations — and maybe lungs

    Soot levels in stations for New York City’s electric subway trains exceed the levels outdoors, a new study finds. The underground source of this black carbon: maintenance trains that share the tracks with subway trains. Breathing soot can aggravate asthma and other lung disease.