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  1. Math

    Science is helping kids become math masters

    Some researchers study video games, students’ posture and more as a means to help kids become better and more comfortable with math.

  2. Math

    Cool Jobs: The art of paper folding is inspiring science

    See how bringing art and math together led to the development of robo-roaches, self-folding papers and medical implants.

  3. Computing

    Math + teens + practice = a winning competition

    Training for an Olympics of math helps students stretch their creativity and learn problem solving skills. If you like puzzles, you might want to check out these events.

  4. Math

    Math isn’t just for boys

    The United States won the International Mathematical Olympiad in 2015 and 2016. The big question: Why wasn’t there even one girl on either year’s team?

  5. Math

    Cool Jobs: Motion by the numbers

    What do car crash testers, video game creators and scientists who study athletic performance have in common? All use geometry in their cool jobs.

  6. Math

    Explainer: The basics of geometry

    From points and lines to complex three-dimensional shapes, our world is made of shapes and spaces. The math used to understand most of these is known as geometry.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Don’t use dinner-table spoons for liquid medicines!

    Kids are safer when parents use precise tools to measure liquid medicines. Switching from teaspoons to metric tools could help, a new study finds.