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Stephen Ornes

Stephen Ornes has been writing for Science News for Students since 2008. He's covered self-driving cars, the science of tsunamis, wearable electronic devices, people who cook with crickets and clothes that clean themselves. In 2015, he won an AAAS/Kavli Gold Award for his SNS story: Where will lightning strike? He writes from a backyard shed at his home in Nashville, Tennessee, where he lives with his family. 

Stephen’s first book, published in 2008, was a young adult biography of mathematician Sophie Germain, and he contributed to The Science Writer's Handbook, published in 2013. In addition to Science News for Students, his work has appeared in New Scientist, Scientific American, Discover, Physics World, and Cancer Today. He teaches a class in science communication at Vanderbilt University. His educational background includes a graduate degree in science writing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and another in applied math from the University of Missouri. He also has undergraduate degrees in physics and English literature from Southern Methodist University in Texas.

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