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Scientists Say: Tinnitus

This ‘ringing’ in your ears can be a sign of hearing loss
Jan 9, 2017 — 6:50 am EST

Tinnitus can be a symptom of hearing loss. It can also really annoy people who suffer from it. 


Tinnitus (noun, “TIN-ih-tuss”)

This is a condition in which people hear a persistent sound that isn’t there. It might be a ringing noise, a hiss or clicking. Whether it is soft, loud, high or low varies from person to person. Tinnitus can last just a few minutes or a few hours. Some people experience it for years. And it’s not just annoying. Tinnitus can be a sign of hearing loss.

In a sentence

Listen to too-loud music long enough, and you might end up with hearing loss and tinnitus.

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Power Words

persistent     An adjective for something that is long-lasting.

tinnitus     An uncontrolled and non-stop ringing or buzzing in the ears, usually triggered by tissue damage from exposure to loud noise. It can be short-lived, lasting hours or a day. In some instances, however, people may experience it for years or decades.


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