Evaluate the evidence for the role of group behavior on individual and species' chances to survive and reproduce.

More Stories in HS-LS2-8

  1. Health & Medicine

    Scientists discover how norovirus hijacks the gut

    Noroviruses make people vomit, but scientists didn’t actually know why. It now turns out that those viruses cause their misery by attacking special “tuft” cells in the gut.

  2. Animals

    Orca snot leads to a whale of a science-fair project

    DNA found in the mucus of orcas suggests that even though the traits of family pods may differ, these marine mammals all appear to belong to a single species.

  3. Health & Medicine

    How many ants is the best number of ants? More than one, fewer than 100

    How many ants does it take to make the best decision? This teen found that four to six is just right.

  4. Animals

    Chemicals from the world’s longest animal can kill cockroaches

    The stuff in this sea worm’s slime can kill off green crabs, too.

  5. Oceans

    Ocean heat waves are on the rise — and killing coral

    Ocean heat waves are becoming hotter and more frequent. And one can be blamed for the 2016 coral deaths on the Great Barrier Reef.

  6. Animals

    In a colony, king penguins act like a liquid

    Is this a living liquid? King penguins move around within their colonies, clearing out some space, and then refilling it. That behavior resembles a liquid, scientists conclude.

  7. Life

    Fighting ‘like an animal’ may not be what you expect

    Evolution has produced a broad range of conflict styles. And some of the best examples come from outside the world of the familiar.