Plan and conduct an investigation to gather evidence to compare the structure of substances at the bulk scale to infer the strength of electrical forces between particles.

  1. Physics

    Physicists foil classic oobleck science trick

    Cornstarch and water — best known as oobleck — solidifies upon impact. Researchers used a new technique to make it stay liquid.

  2. Physics

    Try This: Walking on water with science

    Water striders walk on water. How do they do it? They spread out. This experiment will show you how it works.

  3. Chemistry

    Converting trash to valuable graphene in a flash

    Flash heating of carbon-rich wastes creates graphene, which has many commercial uses.

  4. Physics

    Like Magneto? Microcrystals give magnets superpower over living cells

    New iron-rich protein crystals could help researchers better understand the nerve cells that control movement and sensation. All they need are magnets.

  5. Chemistry

    Explainer: What are acids and bases?

    These chemistry terms tell us if a molecule is more likely to give up a proton or pick up a new one.

  6. Physics

    Explainer: How batteries and capacitors differ

    Both batteries and capacitors can power electronic devices. Each, however, has different properties which may provide benefits — or limitations.

  7. Physics

    Weird physics warps nearby star’s light

    Scientists have observed a bizarre effect of quantum physics in light coming from a nearby neutron star.

  8. Chemistry

    Scientists Say: Surface tension

    Surface tension is what makes water in your glass seem like it’s covered by an invisible membrane holding it together.

  9. Physics

    Possibility of strange new particle surprises physicists

    Last winter, physicists at the Large Hadron Collider detected hints of a particle beyond their wildest dreams. Soon they may learn if it’s real.

  10. Physics

    Stephen Hawking says his group has solved a black hole puzzle

    Physicist Stephen Hawking says light sliding along the outside of a black hole holds the key to understanding what’s inside.

  11. Physics

    New particle may help probe strongest force in the universe

    A newfound subatomic particle should allow scientists to better understand the strong force that holds together the nucleus of every atom.

  12. Wire critter shows power of surface tension

    Water striders walk on water by using surface tension. Now you can do the same with a wire critter weight-lifting contest.