Evaluate competing design solutions for maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services.

More Stories in MS-LS2-5

  1. Animals

    Orca snot leads to a whale of a science-fair project

    DNA found in the mucus of orcas suggests that even though the traits of family pods may differ, these marine mammals all appear to belong to a single species.

  2. Chemistry

    Cool Jobs: Diving for new medicines

    Scientists mix research with underwater adventure as they search the oceans for new chemicals to treat infections, cancer and more.

  3. Physics

    Disabilities don’t stop these experts in science and tech

    People with disabilities are as varied as the careers some of them pursue in science, technology, engineering and math.

  4. Animals

    Listening to fish love songs can predict their numbers

    Gulf corvinas croak for mates while in groups of millions. By listening to their undersea serenades, scientists may be able to estimate how many are out there.

  5. Animals

    Bee hotels are open for business

    Bee hotels are creating a buzz in conservation and research by offering nesting places for wild bees.

  6. Environment

    Trees can make summer ozone levels much worse

    The greenery can release chemicals into the air that react with combustion pollutants to make ozone. And trees release more of those chemicals where it gets really hot, a new study finds.

  7. Animals

    Popular pesticide may harm bee flight

    In a lab experiment, honeybees flew sluggishly after eating pesticide-tainted food.