1. Computing

    When your stuff spies on you

    More ordinary objects are going online. These make up the Internet of Things. But as they collect data about you and your world, they also bring security risks.

  2. Computing

    The Internet of Things wants to link all facets of our world

    The Internet of Things means everyday objects are becoming computers. Can people harness this technology to make the world better?

  3. Computing

    How to build computer chips only 3 atoms thick

    Scientists have engineered an ultrathin material only three atoms thick. The material could be used to make extremely slender computer chips.

  4. Physics

    Explainer: How batteries and capacitors differ

    Both batteries and capacitors can power electronic devices. Each, however, has different properties which may provide benefits — or limitations.

  5. Tech

    Build the drone of your dreams

    Drone fans can now use new computer software to design and ‘test’ their own customized flying machines before putting time and money into building them.

  6. Computing

    LEDs offer new way to kill germs in water

    Growing ultraviolet-light-emitting diodes on thin, flexible sheets of metal holds promise for water disinfection and other applications.

  7. Computing

    Computer hackers take to the cloud

    People use cloud computing for storing files online. A new study shows the dark side of the cloud: These services can harbor malware.

  8. Physics

    Wind power gets downsized — but in a good way

    Two young scientists have developed ways to tap into wind power on a small scale.

  9. Computing

    Two numbers set a record — and not just for being book length

    Twin primes are prime numbers that differ by just 2. The largest known twins have just been discovered — each 388,342 digits long!

  10. Tech

    Star Trek technology becomes more science than fiction

    On Star Trek, the characters used devices that seemed wild, futuristic and impossible. But those sci-fi gadgets are inspiring real-world, useful inventions.

  11. Science & Society

    How computers get out the vote

    Increasingly computers play a role in voting. Here’s why that concerns scientists, even as they acknowledge that computers may be increasingly essential.

  12. Brain

    Cool Jobs: Video game creators

    Meet an engineer who worked on StarCraft II, an expert building a new kind of reality and a neuroscientist who uses games as brain therapy.