Articles on ecosystems

  1. Ecosystems

    Surprise! Fire can help some forests keep more of their water

    In California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, a century of fire suppression has led to forests with too many trees. But areas thinned by fire now show one benefit: more water.

  2. Animals

    Deep-sea expedition led researchers to doomed octopus nursery

    The ill-fated octopods may be a sign that a healthy population is hiding nearby.

  3. Ecosystems

    A robotic fish could help mangroves grow

    Reforested mangroves don’t always grow well. To figure out why, two teens built a robotic mudskipper to measure the mud.

  4. Environment

    ‘Boot camp’ teaches rare animals how to go wild

    Animals raised in captivity cannot safely re-enter the wilds without first understanding how to find food and avoid becoming a predator’s lunch. Scientists are helping some species learn this.

  5. Oceans

    Small swimmers may play huge role in churning the seas

    Hoards of migrating shrimp and krill can cause large-scale water movements in the ocean, a new study suggests.

  6. Plants

    Scientists Say: Invasive species

    These are foreign species that are causing problems for native organisms and ecosystems.

  7. Ecosystems

    Exploring the mysteries of Cuba’s coral reefs

    Researchers are studying the mysterious lives of creatures in and near Cuba’s coral reefs. What they learn could help protect ocean life globally.

  8. Ecosystems

    Migrating crabs take their eggs to the sea

    Cuba’s colorful land crabs connect swamp and sea with their yearly mass migrations. Protecting their routes can help other animals too.

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    Can DNA editing save endangered species?

    Scientists may be able to help endangered species by changing the genes of a whole population of wild animals. But some question whether that is wise.

  10. Plants

    Blooms on ‘chocolate’ tree are crazy-hard to pollinate

    The cacao trees must be pollinated or those seeds that give us chocolate will never form. The rub: The trees’ flowers challenge all but some of the tiniest pollen-moving insects.

  11. Ecosystems

    Here’s why scientists have been fertilizing the Arctic

    For more than 30 years, scientists have been fertilizing small parcels of Arctic tundra. Here’s what happens when you push an ecosystem to the brink.

  12. Ecosystems

    Scientists Say: Bog

    Bogs are a type of wetland in which partially decayed plants sink down and form peat.