Science News for Students articles on oceans

  1. Animals

    Humpbacks flap their flippers like underwater birds

    Surprising new video shows humpback whales flapping their front flippers to move their massive bodies toward their prey.

  2. Oceans

    How the Arctic Ocean became salty

    The Arctic Ocean was once a huge freshwater lake, separated from the Atlantic by a ridge of land. Scientists explore how salt water overtook it.

  3. Animals

    Listening to fish love songs can predict their numbers

    Gulf corvinas croak for mates while in groups of millions. By listening to their undersea serenades, scientists may be able to estimate how many are out there.

  4. Animals

    Beware the tap of the narwhal’s tusk

    A new video shows narwhals using their tusks to tap fish before eating them. They might be stunning their prey — or just playing with their food.

  5. Ecosystems

    Camera catches new fish species — as it’s eaten!

    A video of a lionfish eating a new-found species of fish raises concerns about the threat lionfish pose to undiscovered species in deep reefs.

  6. Earth

    Ancient Arctic ‘gas’ melt triggered enormous seafloor explosions

    Methane explosions 12,000 years ago left huge craters in bedrock on the Arctic seafloor. Scientists worry more could be on the way today as Earth’s ice sheets melt.

  7. Life

    Weird mega-worm found to have odd diet

    Giant shipworms have bacteria in their gills that produce food for them. This has made their digestive organs shrink from lack of use.

  8. Environment

    Plastic trash rides ocean currents to the Arctic

    Ocean currents can carry plastic trash far from the cities that shed it. Some plastic debris has made it all of the way to the Arctic Ocean, new data show.

  9. Tech

    Teen’s invention can warn of deadly rip currents

    A teen lifeguard from Australia has invented a buoy that can alert swimmers to the strong, swift and deadly rip currents that can sweep them dangerously far offshore.

  10. Animals

    These killer whales exhale sickening germs

    A group of endangered killer whales are exhaling disease-causing germs. Researchers worry these microbes could make the animals sick.

  11. Oceans

    Deep-sea dump: Trash is collecting on the Arctic seafloor

    Trash is building up on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, including plastic bags, glass shards and fishing nets.

  12. Ecosystems

    Underwater meadows appear to fight ocean germs

    The seagrasses that sway in coastal currents are more than aquatic groundcover. They can reduce harmful bacteria that might otherwise sicken neighboring animals, new data show.